RD Station Integration

Your leads are automatically validated, verified, and enriched in your RD Station account.

Screens show how to hire RD Station integration with SafetyMails

Enrich your leads

With the integration of SafetyMails and RD Station all your leads will be automatically validated and enriched , in real time, to protect your email marketing campaigns from bounces or risky e-mails, improving your reputation and avoiding unwanted blockades from providers and blacklists.

Once you activate the services you can create segmented lists with the fields provided by SafetyMails to delete unwanted records or to select the best suited profiles for your relationship actions by email.

How to Integrate

Enriching your leads with information about emails is easier than you think

1. Access your account
at the RD Station

After signing in to your account, simply go to the App Store and select SafetyMails in the Data Enrichment area.

Integrate across platforms and hire the monthly validation plan that best fits your needs.

You can pay by boleto bancário or credit card.

If you are not an RD cliente yet, hire the plan that best fits your business needs. Talk to a consultant

Access RD Station

2. Integrate with SafetyMails

Follow the steps to do your integration. It's quick and easy!

  • Add integration
  • Connect your account
  • Use your SafetyMails account (if you are already a customer); or
  • Sign in to SafetyMails
  • Hire a plan that fits your needs (with 20% off)
  • Copy and paste the information provided by SafetyMails by RD Station
  • Ready!

Check the step-by-step tutorial

3. which data you will see in your RD account

Your leads will be enriched with the following data:

  • Sm_StatusEmail - defines the email status as: valid, invalid, syntax error, spamtraps, junk, scraped, among others
  • Sm_EmailOriginal - Emails that have been corrected due to common domain typing errors
  • Sm_Engajamentos - Inform data (in quantity) of lead engagement in various actions
  • Sm_Popularidade - inform the level of distribution of the e-mail in other databases by the market
  • Sm_Estado -inform the geolocation of the email from IP of where it has interacted in previous several actions


By integrating SafetyMails with RD Station, explore possibilities that you have not yet thought of.

5 Reasons to Consider
Integrating SafetyMails with RD Station

  • Automate your processes : All your new leads will be automatically validated within RD Station
  • Reduce your risks : Campaign submissions with invalid email are blocked and affect your reputation
  • Gain intelligence : Have all your information centralized in one place, making your analyze your results easy
  • : Make creative marketing: create filters from information by SaftyMails
  • Economize: Get a 20% discount on contracting our services

The expectation with the integration was achieved. Before we had two very clear steps: go through the validation of SafetyMails and then import the leads by RD Station. Now, regardless of where the leads are coming from, validation happens all within RD Station.

Fernando Bassin, da Calcard

Plans and Prices

See how economical it is to use SafetyMails in your RD Station account

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How many leads do you generate per month?

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Stay alert
Real-time validation provides criticism, confirmation, deliverability and captation cost savings (CPL) benefits. Increasing your Inbound!


Here are the most common questions

How does integration work?

To have a fully functional integration, you need to hava a PRO account from RD Station and purchase the integration from SafetyOptin through your App Store Account. After that, you wil need to fill in the integration fields with all the requested information and your integration will be working properly.

Does it validate emails on the form?

No. Validation works after registering, supplying you leads with various information such as e-mail status, geolocation, commitment, etc.

Can I validate e-mails that are already registered on my account?

Yes, you can! To do that you will need to create a validating flow. Get in touch with RD Station to know how to do that.

Is my credit balance cumulative?

No, it is not. Each month your credit balance resets to zero and begins a new cycle.

What if I run out of credits before the next month?

You can buy new individual validating credits directly through your SafetyMails account. Just go to the integration control panel. It is simple and fast. Individual Credits will be valid until the current month ends.

If you notice that you constantly need more credits, you can also upgrade your package to one that is more adequate for you.

How much does the package cost?

The packages range in price and depend on the number of verifications you make per month. You will need to know how many new leads are attracted per month. For example: if you have, an average of 350 new leads per month, a plan of 1000 verifications per month should attend your needs. Our calculator helps you pick the best suited plan for your business. In this case, the packages are 20% cheaper than those offered by traditional Safety Optin.