RD Station Integration Landing Pages

Validate, in real time, the emails typed on your RD Station Landing Pages

Screens show how to hire RD Station integration with SafetyMails

Avoid Invalid Leads!

Protect your landing pages from invalid records. Install Safety Optin on your landing pages and have the verification and validation of the emails at the time of registration, automatically and in real time, mails are inserted in its database.


  • All the benefits of Safety Optin
  • Email Verified Directly on the Landing Pages
  • Prevent the registration of free e-mails (optional)
  • Reduce blocking by bounces and your CPL

Integrating your landing pages is very easy!

Just follow the step-by-step, paste the code on to your Landing Pages settings and you are done.

1. where to use integration?

After signing in to your account, simply go to the App Store and select SafetyMails in the Data Enrichment area.

If you have an account at RD Station and Landing Pages for Leads capitation, this is the right integration for you!

To have your forms protected, simply install our script in the edition of your landing page. Automatically blocking sending your form when an email with invalid or risky status is identified, asking the user to confirm the email or type a new one.

Access RD Station

2. How to Integrate

Installation is very simple, but keep in mind that you need to be an RD Station customer and have active Landing Pages. In addition, SafetyMails Safety Optin service is required.

  • Sign in to SafetyMails
  • Click Integrations menu> Available Integrations
  • Access RD Station Integration:Email verification in Landing Pages
  • Activate the integration
  • Create a new integration?
  • Fill in the requested data correctly and register the integration
  • Copy the integration code and access your RD Station account
  • Access the menu Converter> Landing Pages menu
  • Click on edit on Landing Pages where you want to install the validation API
  • Click "Advanced Editing"
  • Paste your code into the "JavaScript in BODY" tab and save.

Check the step-by-step tutorial

Plans and Prices

Further enhance your RD Station Landing Pages

CONSULTAS consultations for R $VALOR/month

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Value your sales funnel
Leads com e-mails válidos tornam o seu funil de vendas mais eficiente e mais rápido, além de reduzir o seu custo por lead e promover o aumento do seu ROI.
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