Sharpsping Integration

Validate your email bases directly from SharpSpring

Screens show how to hire RD Station integration with SafetyMails

Facilitate your processes

To gain productivity it's needed to eliminate unnecessary steps in day-to-day processes.

With that in mind, SafetyMails has prepared a integration with SharpSpring , which allows you to validate and verify your email databases without downloading and uploading files.

Simply integrate the SharpSpring account into your SafetyMails account, select the bases you want to check, and that's it. SafetyMails will validate your emails and update your SharpSpring account with all the e-mails sorted properly.

How to Integrate

Make your day-to-day life more conveniente with just a few clicks!

1. where to use integration?

If you have an active SharpSpring account, you can use this integration as long as you have validation credits available.

2. How to Integrate

  • Sign in to SafetyMails
  • Click the menu under "Available Integrations"
  • Select SharpSpring
  • Fill in the requested data and click on "Connect Account"
  • Select the bases you want to validate