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Create forms with validation and verification of emails in real time on your Wordpress website

Screens show how to hire RD Station integration with SafetyMails

Protect your Wordpress forms

The SafetyMails Plugin is the best way to generate quality leads on sites with Wordpress technology . With it, the emails typed in the forms are validated and verified in real time , to avoid invalid leads.

This plugin will allow you to create functional forms on your Wordpress website and have access to the SafetyMails real-time email validations .

How to install?

Your Wordpress website now has a forms plugin with validation and verification of emails. Install it now!

1. where to use integration?

Is your site created using Wordpress ? Do you use any contact form plugin? Simply install and activate our plugin, configure your shipping options, create your forms and activate the Safety Optin service.

It is important to replace your current form submission plugin.

You can use plugin to validate emails in all the contact forms of your site.

2. How to Integrate

You can install Plugin in two ways:

1. Activate the plugin through the menu "Plugins" in WordPress (just look for SafetyMails in the Wordpress directory); or

2. Upload the Plugin directory to your WordPress / wp-content / plugins / directory

Plans and Prices

It has never been so economical to protect your captured leads

CONSULTAS consultations for R $VALOR/month

How many leads do you generate per month?

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Stay alert
Real-time validation provides criticism, confirmation, deliverability and captation cost savings (CPL) benefits. Increasing your Inbound!


Here are the most common questions

Do I have to pay to use Plugin?

No. Plugin can be installed free of charge and used on your Wordpress website for sending data, only. Make as many forms as you want without restricting the number of fields. For validations it is necessary to have the Safety Optin service hired.

Do I have to pay for email validation?

Yes. In order for plugin to fulfill its function of validating and verifying email addresses, it is necessary to hire the Safety Optin service in SafetyMails.

How to request support?

You should send an email to and our team will respond as soon as possible.