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API validation for emails forms (real time)

Example of an API Real TIme Safety Optin

How does it protect your forms?

When someone types an email address in a form with Safety Optin, the API does a real-time consultation, returning the "valid / invalid" data of that email.  This way, you can ask the user to verify the address you typed in and, if necessary, correct or change the informed email.

Real time SafetyMails E-mail Validation and Verification

Real time SafetyMails E-mail Validation and Verification

Prevent a lead entry into your registration forms, convert more and avoid blocking .

Protection against free email domains

Protection against free email domains

Generate leads with only corporate emails and block domains such as Gmail , Yahoo , etc. (Optional)

installation script generator

installation script generator

Make Safety Optin installation on your site even easier with our installation script generator .

Confidence to generate quality leads!

These are just a few of the brands that use real-time verification for SafetyMails forms.

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How to install?

The installation of Safety Optin is quick and in 15 minutes you can already have tests of validity of your emails

Instruction manual

Simple to consult , our instruction manual will help you install the Safety Optin in your forms or webservice .

Access the manual

Hire the setup service

If you do not have the time or expertise, request Setup and our team will install the Safety Optin for you.

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Do you use external landing pages? Is Your Website Made In Wordpress? No problem! Integrate Safety Optin into the following tools :

Plans and Prices

It has never been so economical to protect your captured leads

CONSULTAS consultations for R $VALOR/month

How many leads do you generate per month?

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Real-time validation provides criticism, confirmation, deliverability and captation cost savings (CPL) benefits. Increasing your Inbound!
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Here are the most common questions

How much does the package cost?

The packages range in price and depend on the number of verifications you make per month. You will need to know how many new leads are attracted per month. For example: if you have, an average of 350 new leads per month, a plan of 1000 verifications per month should attend your needs. Our calculator helps you pick the best suited plan for your business. In this case, the packages are 20% cheaper than those offered by traditional Safety Optin.

Is my credit balance cumulative?

No, it is not. Each month your credit balance resets to zero and begins a new cycle.

What if I run out of credits before the next month?

You can buy new individual validating credits for integration directly on your SafetyMails account. Just go to the integration control panel. It is simple and fast. Individual Credits will be valid until the current month ends.

If you notice that you constantly need more credits, you can also upgrade your package to one that is more adequate for you.

How is the monthly fee charged?

Through credit card or bank payment slip (in Brazil). It is not possible to use the API via Paypal. The amounts are charged in Brazilian Reais (BRL - R $). Amounts in US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) are for reference only.

Can I use my validation credits for Safety Optin?

No. Safety Optin credits can only be used for these queries.

Can I use my Safety Optin credits to validate bases?

No. Validation credits are to be used exclusively on bases added to your account.

How does integration work?

Through query codes that you install on your registration forms, webservice or our partners integrations. To complete the installation, a validation key must be accessed, which is only available after you have purchased the service.

The API block the submission of the form?

Only if you want. The API is an advisory function. It will only return the information of a status to you. Therefore, the action to be taken after this return is your choice. There will be people who will prevent continuing registration until a valid e-mail is entered, and some prefer not to prevent, just flag the satus in the database. The choice is always yours.