Learn how much it costs to validate your email bases

Protecting your results in the email marketing and your reputation against blocks is cheaper than you think


The minimum purchase value is 1,000 validations

Price per email R$ 0


Do not forget to validate!

If more than 10% of your emails are invalid in a submission,
less than 44% c will reach the inbox.

Do not forget to validate!

If more than 10% of your 0 emails are invalid in a submission,
less than 0 will reach the inbox.


Here are the most common questions

How many credits do I need to buy?

The necessary to validate your bases. For example, if your base has 2,453 e-mails, you are able to buy exactly 2,453 credits. The validation system Works with 1 credit to 1 e-mail. But, there is a minimum limit per acquisition o 1,000 credits. Be mindful, your credits are valid for 60 days and the validation can not be extended.

The more credits you acquire, the lower your unit cost will be.

In what currency will the service be charged?

the purchace of credits is paid in Brazilian Real (BRL - R$). The calculator shows results in other currencies such as the US Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR) as a reference for international purchases.

What are the available forms of payments?

You can choose between credit cards, Paypal, and boleto bancário (only available in Brazil).

Do I get a physical document?

If you are in Brazil, you will receive a nota fiscal. Outside Brazil, you will receive an invoice.

How long will it take for my crédits to be available:

If your payment is made through credit cards or Paypal, the credits are available immediately.

If the payment is made through boleto bancário (only available in Brasil), the credits will be available after bank clearing, which may take up to 48 hours after the payment.

if there are any pending e-mails, what happens to my credits?

SafetyMails only consumes credit of classified emails. If, by any chance, an e-mail remains with the "Pending" status, the corresponding credit will be returned to the customer's account.

Can i ask for a refund of unused credits?

No. Once the credits are perchased, there are no refunds.