Qualidade das bases de e-mails no Brasil 2019

Tenha acesso a um retrato fiel do mercado nacional de e-mail marketing, analisando as principais causas de bounces!

Análise de 22 categorias de negócio

- Taxas de bounces, spamtraps, principais erros em cadastros

- Domínios mais problemáticos

Qualidade das bases de e-mails no Brasil 2019

Email database validation
that you already have

Just a simple upload of your lists to validate all your emails. It's fast and has a low cost!

Sort your emails by valid, invalid, scraped, temporary (disposable), spamtraps, etc.

Get additional information : engagement, behavior, geolocation, provider distribution, propularity, known complainers, and more.

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SafetyMails Email Baseline Validation Information Panels
SafetyMails Email Baseline Validation Information Panels

Protection against invalid e-mails for registration forms (real-time)

Check your emails in real time at the time of the lead registration! Do not let bad emails enter your databases.

Avoid errors in emails collected by forms or by call centers, sales points and events!

More than 18% of emails typed in forms are invalid - Read the research

It's quick and easy to install and you control your consumption by a unique control panel.

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Make your day-to-day work easier by using our integrations and plugins

RD Station is integrated with SafetyMails

Access the App Store by RD Station and have SafetyMails automatically integrated into your account. Find out how!

RD Station is integrated with SafetyMails

Your Landing Pages protected against invalid email. Improve your lead generation! Find out how!

SharpSpring is integrated with SafetyMails

Validating emails from your databases with SharpSpring is easy. Clicked, checked! Understand here.

SafetyMails has a Validation Plugin for WordPress

Create forms for your Wordpress website with integrated Safety Optin. Know more.

Reduce your Cost per Lead (CPL)

Avoid wasting money on invalid leads in your inbound. Reduce your Capital Cost and optimize your Pipeline.

Avoid blockages

Invalid email databases deliver less than 44% of the emails or are blocked by providers and sending tools

Protect your reputation

1 in every 3 e-mails are not sent due to reputation problems with IP and domains. Protect your deliverability

Raise your ROI

Valid emails promote superior deliverability, convert more, and increase your ROI Understand ROI validation

It's simple and
fast to validate
your emails

A complete platform for a detailed analysis of your databases

100 credits to test now
Clear your e-mail database easily.

Validation and Verification

Quickly know which emails you can use in your email marketing without harming your reputation

Syntax errors are identified and removed from your bases

Syntax Check

Check the main RFCs for validating the syntax of your email addresses

Avoid the most common typos in domains

Domain Correction

Typing errors in popular domains (Gmil / Gmail, Hotmial / Hotmail, etc) are automatically corrected and verified

Also validate the MX record of your emails

MX Registration Check

SafetyMails verifies and validates the configuration of MX Record for validated emails

Remove email records from spamtraps (potential and confirmed)

Spamtraps Identification

Avoid blockades from e-mail traps in your email databases and protect your reputation

Safety Score

Safety Score

Every base checked on SafetyMails is qualified with a score based on its content

Unvalidated emails have their credits returned your account

Credit refund

Any email that is pending validation has its credit returned to your account

Privacy Policy (NDA)

Privacy (NDA)

Count on the secrecy of your information, protected by our Privacy Policy (NDA)


Data protection

SafetyMails complies with data protection laws (GDPR / EU and LGPD / BR)

SafetyMails Success stories

A number of companies have achieved new quality levels through SafetyMails services, with productivity gains, cost savings, sales funnel optimization and improvement in E-mail marketing campaign results .

See more Success stories

Companies that trust in SafetyMails

See some of the hundreds of brands that trust care of the quality of their leads with us and check out some success stories.

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SafetyMails is a Brazilian company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro


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SafetyMails is a Brazilian company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro

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Here are the most common questions

How long does it take to validate the bases?

Bases will be validated as quickly as possible. The maximum validation time is 48 hours, however, normally validations are released within several hours. You can also interrupt a validation at any time in order to use already validated e-mails and receive a credit refund for the e-mails that were not validated.

In case I have any questions, is there technical support?

Of course! Technical support can be asked for by emailing suporte@safetymails.com or by chatting in directly through our site.

How do I receive the list of verified e-mails?

Completely download your list, including all stored records or choose a status you wish to export. You can opt to download only valid e-mails, or any other specific status.

Is payment made directly through the website?

Yes, simply access your account on SafetyMails and click on the option to buy credits. Payment is done safely.

What kind of files can be validated through the system?

SafetyMails accepts .CSV files

Does the datebase need to exclusively contain e-mails?

Not if you don't want it to. Of course, the service only evaluates the email column. Additional information in other columns will be available for you to download subsequently.

My mass emailing tool blocks my bases/campaigns. Has validation failed?

No. There are other aspects that are evaluated by mass emailing tools to define if an email can be sent or not. This criteria has nothing to do with whether or not the email address exists. We suggest reading an article that talks about this issue- click here to read it.

Does the membership term have a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Certainly. SafetyMails does not buy, sell, rent, loan or share any mailing list. Your data will be kept confidential. The purpose of SafetyMails is to help the market improve the quality of email marketing. Hurting the secrecy of information would be unethical and would go directly against the principles, privacy policies and antispam of SafetyMails.