They don’t need to ask "Is this email valid"? anymore


Helder Oliveira, manager of Martech

In 2019 we had a big challenge, which was to launch a product using a large email database. Embracon needed to clean up this base.

Embracon found SafetyMails and used the tool to validate the emails. The launch was a success! We had great adherence, with 90% of emails validated. The product took shape and today, is one of the main ones of the company.

After that launch, we had a great idea: why not validate our website leads instantly? So, we extended the SafetyMails solution to the current Embracon website, using their real-time email verification and validation API. Previously, for every address registered on the site, we asked "Is this email valid?"

The result couldn't be better: total quality in lead generation. Today, in our sales team, the lead compatibility index exceeds 70%, which is a differential in the accuracy for the contact with the client. Therefore, I consider SafetyMails a strategic partner for Embracon to bring in new business. I indicate to you!

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