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We make email checker services better so you focus on what really matters.

SafetyMails continuously enhances its processes, looking for market data, email service providers updates, new policies and RFCs, and developing new features. This ensures the best email checker for you to keep your focus on improving your email marketing results.

  • The best email checker accuracy. Up to 30% better.
  • An user-friendly, affordable and cost-effective service.
  • Compliant with data protection laws and regulations.
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Extensive knowledge and expertise serving the best practices and strategies for email marketers.

Safetymails was founded by a team with a multidisciplinary and extensive background with more than 2 decades in the email marketing industry, as professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants for some of the greatest brands of the market.


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Excellent results. Data protection. Transparency. Serious goals.

Delivering emails is vital for e-commerce operations. Achieving maximum efficiency with the most comprehensive reports is critical for an email checker. Our team is fully committed to the customer's success, developing and improving relationships, tools and analysis algorithms, always respecting privacy and data protection policies.

  • Highest accuracy. We respect your budget.
  • High-level data protection protocols.
  • Service focused on core-business.
  • Great support! We're always ready to help!
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Email verification is serious business.
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If you don't see an answer to your question, please have a look at our documentation or get in touch through our live chat.

Comparison tests have shown that the results of the SafetyMails mail checker are up to 30% more accurate than those of its competitors.

Do this with SafetyMails. The SafetyMails email checker is ready to validate email lists and also offers real-time query service via API. The results are reliable and up to 30% better than competitors.

You can use the free email checker by following this link. However, it is limited to only a few real-time queries. We recommend creating an account with 100 free credits.

SafetyMails has been in the email validation market since 2017, helping companies get rid of bad email addresses.

The founders of SafetyMails have more than 20 years of experience in the email marketing business. Their team is made up of experts in deliverability, databases, and more.

SafetyMails has an advanced email validation algorithm with 19 verification steps. Test it yourself by creating a free account with 100 free credits.

Yes. SafetyMails has privacy and data protection policies that are GDPR, LGPD and CCPA compliant.