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safetymails email verification team

Who is SafetyMails?

SafetyMails is an email validation and verification SaaS platform

SafetyMails was founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs with a multidisciplinary and extensive experience of more than 2 decades in the email marketing and Internet industry.

Since them, SafetyMails offers online validation and verification for email addresses, allowing the companies to easily check the quality of e-mail lists and protecting registration forms from harmful email addresses in real-time.

Quick info about us

  • 2018 - Liga Insight Martechs report: top rated tools
  • 2019 - Rock Content’s Marketing Tools Latam: prominent tools
  • 2019 - Liga Insight Martechs report: top rated tools (2nd time)
  • 2021 - Email Marketing Summit: 12,000+ attendees
  • 2+ billions emails validated
  • 8,000+ customers
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Bulk email verification

Upload or integration: verify up to millions of emails at once

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Real-time API

Protection for forms, landing pages, apps, web services and more

SafetyMails email verification: what, how and why?

We remove bad email addresses from mailing lists, such as invalid, disposable, spamtraps, among others

Better online sales starts with a better email delivery.

We know that providers block senders from as low as 3% of invalid emails in mailing lists, resulting in less than 40% of delivered messages being available in the recipients' inbox. And up to 35% of emails entered into online registration forms are invalid, non-existent, or present some sort of problem or threat - terrible for ecommerce revenues, of which 23% come from email marketing.

Our email checker tool protects the deliverability of email marketing through a powerful 19-step email verification algorithm capable of detecting, preventing, and ridding thousands of companies of bad emails, verifying billions of email addresses, improving their inbox placement, sales results and leading them to avoid bad lead generation.

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