Meet The SafetyMails
Characters and Mascots

Who Are the Safetymails Characters? Get to Know The Captain,
his friends and also the email marketing villains.

The Captain and his friends

They are responsible for the security of the seas of email marketing

SafetyMails the lighthouse of email verification

aka “The Lighthouse”


Guiding and ensuring the safety of email marketers depends on this source of light and information

SafetyMails is a very important lighthouse for anyone navigating the seas of email marketing. After all, if you don't know the safest path, you can crash into rocks, get captured by dangerous creatures, and be tricked by ruthless pirates. So, your emails won't be doing you any good, right?

This beacon is the center of information regarding the quality of emails, consulted by sailors the world over!

Captain Inbox from SafetyMails

aka “THE WISE”

Captain Inbox

He is responsible for assembling a team of experts to build the world's best email checker

Captain Caio Inbox, responsible for SafetyMails, is an experienced navigator of the email marketing seas. Very wise, it is he who takes care of and is in charge of all the email marketing defense actions, protecting the seafarers against the many perils encountered in the email seas. He stands constant watch, keeping an eye on everything and is on best terms with “8 Filters”, the Octopus.

SafetyMails character Priscilla Scout

aka “The fearless”

Priscilla Scout

Coincidentally her surname means a soldier or other person sent in front of a main force.

Priscilla Scout is SafetyMails' commander. It is she who controls the rudder and issues the correct navigational orders. Well recognized on the email marketing seas for her contributions, she received from Captain Caio Inbox the mission of sailing SafetyMails into international waters.

It is she who makes sure SafetyMails' crew remains alert and united to conquer all the world's seas.

Bernard Code is the Genius of the team Safetymails


Bernard Code

There is no difficulty that he is not capable of creating a genius solution!

Bernard Code is the mind behind the secrets of the sets of gears that make SafetyMails work. He receives his order for the Ship and the Lighthouse directly from Captain Caio Inbox.

Thanks to Bernard and his impressive IQ of 180, SafetyMails has become a legendary secret in the seas of email marketing and a favorite with customers around the world!

Rodd Parole character from SafetyMails email verification

aka “The talkative”

Rodd Parole

He is always ready to inform, instruct, train, and entertain.

Rodd Parole is SafetyMails' communications officer. He is the one who communicates with all of SafetyMails' crew and passengers, anywhere in the world, by radio, internet and video.

In addition, he issues safety instructions, teaches how to navigate and takes care of the passengers' well-being. In his spare time, Rodd clips on his microphone and sings opera songs for the crew.

Don Diego Aguado character from SafetyMails

aka “THE Factotum”

Don Diego Aguado

If there is anything to be done, Don Diego will be there to solve it!

Don Diego Aguado (surname that means the one who lives near water) is responsible for all of our ship's maintenance. Everything is always beautiful, clean and working perfectly thanks to his tireless efforts!

He is Bernard Code's righthand man, Chief Engineer at SafetyMails. He works on projects and technological updates for the ship.

Yuri Ribakov is the intelligence agent from SafetyMails

aka “The agent”

Yuri Ribakov

Secret agents are movie stuff. There are no secrets that this intelligence agent is not capable of unraveling.

Yuri Ribakov (spelled Рыбако́в) is the intelligence officer. His Russian surname means fisherman. Very appropriate, as he oversees navigational safety concerns, maintaining the SafetyMails ship's ability to always identify threats in the email marketing seas.

Yuri sometimes works in two environments at SafetyMails: onboard the ship, or at SafetyMails' lighthouse, when he needs to peer into greater distances and impart important alerts.

The masterdiver Uyara is a character from SafetyMails email verification

aka “THE brave”


She has the courage. She has the determination. She has the knowledge of the depths of email marketing and there are no obstacles she won't overcome.

Adored by all, SafetyMails' Master Diver is one of our most important crewmembers. Uyara is an explorer by nature: happy, curious, courageous and very confident. She is Captain Caio Inbox's righthand woman, with his full trust.

Equipped in diving gear, she plunges into the email marketing sea to research new threats and shifting tides. She has many medals for bravery and courage, as a result.

Her Brazilian name is indigenous in origin, meaning “lady”, “ma'am,” “water mother,” “dominator.”

The Octopus is an email verification mascot from SafetyMails meaning the filter analysis

aka “THE one who judges”

“8 Filters”, the Octopus

He is the one who sets the rules of what can and cannot be done in email marketing. Pity those who don’t do the right thing!

This friendly little octopus is the creature responsible for protecting all of the email letters that have been sent out to sea. It is also known as “8 Filters,” because it uses all of its tentacles to analyze and observe with great care and attention each of the emails it picks up. If any email is unsatisfactory, it becomes extremely angry, stern, because invalid emails have a bitter taste.

It commands the entire email marketing sea, deciding who can stay in it and who can't. So, it's best not to be mean and careless. He is Captain Caio Inbox's best friend and he hates Pirate Jack Spam.

The Villains

These are the bad guys and creepy creatures of email marketing

Pirate Jack Spam is a SafetyMails character meaning a bad guy

aka “The Ruthless”

Pirate Jack Spam

He is the most despicable pirate of the email marketing seas.

Pirate Jack Spam is the biggest villain in the 7 seas of email marketing. Very greedy, he sells lists with stolen emails addresses full of traps that cause tremendous damage! He's careless and dirties up all of the seas, leading everyone to think that email marketing is a bad thing

Fortunately, he's always discovered by Captain Caio Inbox and his sailors, who follow SafetyMails' lighthouse beacon to ensure they don't fall into his traps. In the end, the Octopus arrests him and whoever is involved with him.

The spamtrap threat for email verification mascot

aka “THE undercovered”

The Spamtrap

He attracts unsuspecting prey. His first appearance is attractive, but he hides a terrible secret.

There is a very dangerous creature in the email marketing sea: the Spamtrap Fish. Flaunting some very attractive bait, this little guy makes you believe he is a valid email address. Then, you get close, fall into the trap... Pow! It's all over… Spamtrap gets mixed up in your email lists and the “8 Filters” Octopus catches you, sinks your email marketing campaign and even places your name in the Blacklist notebook, telling everyone about your bad reputation.

The Runaway Crab is an email verification mascot meaning the temporary email address

aka “The temporary”

The Runaway Crab

He is. He is not. Search and do not find!

The Runaway Crab is a type of email that also deceives a lot of people: when you capture it, it's lovely, cute and ready for you to include on your list. Except - he tosses his shell and hustles away. When you're ready to prepare the mailing list, guess what happens: the shell is empty, discarded, your email isn't worth a penny and it still counts as a mistake for you. Get ready, the Octopus is coming to get you

The Email Pig is an email verification mascot from SafetyMails meaning all bad email addresses

aka “THE dirtiest junk”

The Email-Pig

Ugh... you don't want that mixed into your healthy contacts.

The Email-Pig also is a very bad type of address for your lists. This creature lives off eating junk found in the email marketing sea: emails full of swear words, confusion and much, much more. If it lands on your network, your email marketing campaigns will give you a huge stomach ache. Stay alert and get him out of there!