Invalid email marketing funnel


Why was your email classified as invalid?

Registration forms that haven't email validation do not accept addresses that the company cannot communicate with later.

Your email was categorized as invalid or inappropriate on our form because of one of the following reasons:

  • Domain deactivated or non-existent.
  • Obsolete or deactivated corporate email.
  • The email address has been deactivated.
  • Typing error, characterizing a non-existent user or domain.
  • The email used was obtained from a temporary email platform, which we do not accept.
Find out what email validation is

How email validation happens and how
it identifies invalid contacts

Email validation steps

As soon as the email is entered into the form, real-time verification is activated.


The email goes through SafetyMails 19-step verification.


In some cases, if the email is invalid due to a typo in the domain, the form may offer a correction suggestion. E.g.: Gamil = Gmail.


The analysis result appears on the screen. Real-time checking and analysis of the entered email takes less than 1 second.


If the email is considered invalid, a new email will be requested.

Real-time email verification only allows valid emails to be entered into company forms.

This way, records are created to promote relationships with people to send newsletters, news, updates and company content.

These lists must only consist of valid emails. Otherwise, the company will suffer a lot of losses, as provider blocks make it impossible to communicate with non-existent contacts.

What happens to forms that don't pass through email verification

By typing an invalid email into the form, you turn unusable the communication efforts of this company

By providing a form that requests your data, the company aims to generate a relationship with you.

Typing errors in registration forms

of attempts

How all invalid email types damage companies reputations

Your email provider — which can be Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, among other free and paid email providers — has a spam filter to protect you from receiving unwanted emails.

Non-existent emails account for 81.1% of alerts for correction on all forms*

*Source: SafetyMails Survey

Among the reasons for this type of problem are typing errors, caused by haste and/or inattention when entering data into the registration forms.

Serious companies, which use email as a communication channel, have their investments damaged when they are blocked by providers.

Additionally, their domains and IPs are sent to international blacklists. This way, all other providers now have access to this information and it becomes impossible to maintain a good relationship with customers via email.

Real-time email verification prevents losses on email marketing investments

An email's itinerary until it reaches your inbox. Analysis takes place at every stage of sending an email. Real-time verification works from sender to recipient.

The itinerary of an email

Invalid emails are very harmful. Email marketing senders that contain these types of emails on their lists are classified as spammers and have their communication blocked, with emails being directed to the spam box

Valid emails reach the inbox

What happens to your valid email

SafetyMails real-time verification reports show the quantity and quality of emails consulted daily on registration forms.

This way, professionals can view how many contacts are valid, invalid, the nature of errors in invalid contacts, among other important details for the quality of the email lists built.

This will prevent them from experiencing difficulties when carrying out their email campaigns and so, be able to establish contact with their recipients.

The email I entered is temporary and the form did not accept it. What happens if I enter a new temporary email?

The form does not accept temporary emails or other types of inappropriate or invalid emails, regardless of the number of attempts.

Can I enter my corporate email into a form with email validation?

Corporate emails are accepted by the form, as long as they are active.

Can I enter more than one email in the form?

No. If you enter more than one email address in the input field, the form will consider the field invalid.

Email verification API


Valid emails reach potential leads

With SafetyMails real-time verification, your business stays protected from email contacts that pose threats to your privacy and ROI.

See the email types that the verification API prevents:

  • Disposable, or temporary: emails that only last a few hours and expire, becoming hard bounces.
  • Spamtraps: emails created by the providers themselves, with the aim of identifying spammers who track emails or buy lists.
  • Recycled spamtraps: emails that have been abandoned and/or have not engaged for a long time and are converted into spamtraps by providers.
  • Emails with inappropriate users: for example, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Deactivated or non-existent domains.
  • Domains with MX record configuration failures.
  • Non-existent users, which account for 81.1% of alerts for correction on all forms*

*Source: SafetyMails Survey

How the API's automatic corrector acts on invalid email types

Contacts with non-existent domains may be the result of user typing errors when registering. For example: Gamil instead of Gmail. In these cases, the API's automatic corrector detects the incorrect domain and offers correction suggestions (known as “did you mean”), helping to validate the email.

In the episodes of failure of:


Typos in the user's name.


Email syntax (absence of @, use of semicolons, etc.).


Disposable addresses, among all suspicious email types.

How Real-Time Verification Lowers Cost Per Lead


Cost per Lead Table

CPL = Total Campaign Cost / Number of Leads Generated

Consider a company that invested $800 in its lead generation campaign and got 100 signups. The company will calculate what's their CPL.

  • In the first hypothetical scenario, the company carried out this process without the help of a real-time email verification service.
  • In the second hypothetical scenario, the same company carried out the process with the real-time email validation service installed in the form.
  • The results would be as in the table on the left.

Email verification generates a lower CPL constantly, as the total cost of the campaign will always be split for a greater number of leads generated.

How Real-Time verification generates insights

The API report reveals how many emails were consulted daily, as well as how many and which are valid contacts.

The days that record more insertions of valid emails signal greater availability of prospects' online presence.

Days with higher incidences of invalid emails may suggest specific errors in promoted campaigns, or a change in behavior among the target audience, etc.
Real-time verification report


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With sanitized lists, marketers can create plans that are more likely to achieve positive results. The same happens with the sales team, which, when communicating with active leads, has real opportunities to close deals.

Yes, you can configure the API according to your strategy needs.

No. You can integrate the API into landing pages, apps, websites, among other web services, using one service after another.