Check if an email is valid
and improve your reputation

Being blocked or blacklisted by your email service providers because of invalid emails is the last thing you wish for your business. Use our free email checker to know if an email is valid and make sure you are sending relevant emails to active users. This is essential to protect your email marketing strategies.

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What is an Email Verification Tool?

An emailchecker is easy to use and it can specify the validity of an account within a few seconds.

The main responsibility of an email validation tool is to keep invalid emails away from your mailing list. To make sure it happens, this tool can be understood as a filter, which tests email lists and separates active emails from the ones that are unhealthy for your company.

An email validation checker checks email addresses validity and can improve your deliverability rate and keep your company’s reputation safe.

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What is a valid email address?

A good quality, valid email is the currently active email address that can receive emails and is not a temporary or disposable email domain. You can easily find this out with an email verifier. Check email validity will help deliver the email campaign successfully, with a low bounce rate, better inbox placement and engagement, protecting your reputation and increasing your ROI.

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How does the email verification tool works to know an email list validity?

After check email address validity, we will define which emails are good or not to be used, classifying them into valid, invalid and several other categories. With these results, it is possible to start a successful email marketing campaign.

Reduce your bounce rate and protect your email marketing deliverability

Any bad email addresses list harm your digital presence, without mentioning they cause damages to your delivery rates.

An emailchecker will protect you from high bounce rates, and it makes sure your messages will be sent only to existing users, that is, the emails available for receiving email messages.

Our email validator works in a multi-layer process. Among these multi-layer process are:

  • Verify email address format;
  • Check the domain existence and disposable email addresses;
  • Extracts the MX record, to make sure the mailbox really exists for that user/address;
  • Check the kind of email address that is use;
  • Check if the user really exists.
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SafetyMails Services

Improve your results with a powerful email verifier

Sending emails is just not enough to get the results you expect from your email marketing campaigns. More relevant than that, it is to have them properly delivered to an existing customer email list.

The best way to guarantee your messages meet the right people is to count with a reliable and accurate email checker. The service that SafetyMails offers helps you to do this job in an easy, fast and simple way.

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Email validator for email lists

Need to run a bulk email verification?

SafetyMails’ email validation service removes invalid, disposable, spamtrap, fake emails or others that can harm your company’s deliverability rates.

You can upload your email list directly to your account or through one of the available integrations to have access to detailed analysis reports.

Validating your email list will make a difference in the results of your marketing campaigns and bring benefits such as:


Syntax check: SafetyMails email address checker can analyze major RFCs for syntax validation of your email addresses list;


Domain correction: we can identify the most frequent typos in a domain of email address and fix them;


Improve the deliverability of your email marketing.


MX record check: our email validation service will check if the domain route to an email server is ok;


Spamtrap removal: the email verifier prevents you from being blocked because of spamtraps. Protect your reputation.

Real-time email verification API

Use our real-time email verify technology and prevent invalid email lists

SafetyMails real-time emailchecker API verifies if the email addresses typed in your registration forms are valid. Within seconds, our system can confirm if the user gave you a valid email. When necessary, our API can request a review of the information given by the user. This way, invalid or fake emails, spamtraps, disposable registrations and random types are unable to get into your database, keeping it clean and optimized.

Following you can discover other benefits of our email checker.


Avoid unnecessary errors: typos and misspelled emails can cause damage to your email lists, which is negative to your delivery and performance rates;


Avoid free email accounts: if you desire to reach out only corporate emails, our platform can prevent registrations of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts;


Integrations available: you can integrate our platform with other marketing tools your team already uses;


Powerful infrastructure: our datacenter has a top-notch technology to perform thousands of validations;


Avoid being blocked: when you have an email checker to validate electronic addresses, you send emails only to available users;


Flood Protection: our email verification tool has protection against multiple validations from the same user.