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Don't let your email marketing deliverability and conversion sink because of invalid and harmful email addresses

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A complete emailchecker

When your email list is free of invalid contacts, you can focus on leads that really matter for your business.

Using an email verification tool is important to make sure a specific email account exists. Verifying email address before sending messages can prevent a high bounce rate, besides protecting your reputation.

We are trusted by over 8000+ clients. It's simple and quick to validate email address. Improve your marketing performance.

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Here are a few reasons why our customers choose SafetyMails email verifier

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It's time to protect your email marketing with the best emailchecker!

Planning an email marketing campaign demands a lot of effort, time and investment. It’s reckless not to protect them in some way, because there are many dangers between your message and the receiver. Protecting your mail lists with a valid email checker is the most effective way to:

  • Get rid of invalid or inactive email accounts (bounces)
  • Search email addresses to avoid, like disposable and junk emails
  • Prevent wasting budget with bad lead generation
Verify email address and protect your lists


A complete email verifier service for a detailed analysis of your mailing lists

Email Bounce Checker

check email addresses with our email validation service. Avoid emails that are risk for your lists, protecting your deliverability.

Catch-all Email Checker

Catch-all domains are those whose return is valid for all emails. SafetyMails email validator can identify them.

MX Record Check

It is an important step, where we check if the domain route to an email server is ok.

Syntax Check

An email validation checker can analyze major RFCs for syntax validation of your email addresses list.

Disposable email address checker

We can check which random email addresses belong to disposable email services.

Copy&Paste Feature

Check email addresses in real-time, in a fast and easy way. Copy, paste and verify.

Spamtrap Removal

Avoid being blocked for spamtraps verifying your email lists and protect your reputation.

Role-based Email Detector

Find email addresses from companies in your list and sort them according to their organizational functions.

Detailed Reports

The email validator analysis report has detailed and reliable information about your mailing list.

Domain Correction

Avoid losing good promising leads due to domain typos with our auto correction feature.

Domain Type Sorting

We organize your free email addresses by domain to improve your reports and corporate contacts data.

Credits do Not Expire

The credits you buy are yours to use whenever you want.


If you don't see an answer to your question, please have a look at our documentation or get in touch through our live chat.

Yes, via upload you can check lists of up to 2 million email records. For larger amounts, there are other options, such as secure FTP.

Use files with the extension .CSV (comma-separated values). This is a text file where the column information is separated by commas.

Yes. There are integrations for bulk email verification or for real-time queries with various platforms. You can see the available integrations here.

Through an email verification tool. Safetymails is the most accurate email validation checker with a powerful 19-step algorithm.

Yes, you can try the service by accessing this link. But it is limited to only a few real-time queries. We recommend creating an account with 100 free credits.

Data relating to validated emails is stored for 60 days. A customer's account data is deleted when the user requests to cancel the account.

In the email verifier 1 credit checks 1 email address. So if your list has, for example, 1,000 emails, you need to have at least 1,000 credits.

The most appropriate amount is the one that covers at least the number of emails you want to validate. 1 credit verifies 1 email address.

It is not possible to transfer and/or donate credits between SafetyMails accounts, even for the same company.