Why renowed companies choose our email address checker?

One of the most rigorous tests that an emailchecker can be subjected to is the market itself: real customers using its features and putting its methods and results to the test.

SafetyMails is the email validation tool for all companies, demonstrating high quality in check email address, even when compared to solutions offered worldwide. Want to know more? See what our customers say!

Fernando Bassin, Calcard's Coordinator

How SafetyMails email validation tool helped Calcard increase productivity

Our company used to send email marketing only for sending invoices. But there was a need for closer communication with customers beyond these transactional emails.

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Danielle Andrade — Inbound MKT Analyst

How SafetyMails email verifier contributed to the success of BD1's strategies

Our mailing lists were very old and unreliable. With inbound marketing becoming more and more strategic, we increased the flow of content creation.

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Eduardo Marques — Systems and Infrastructure Coordinator

How SafetyMails’ email validation improved Reader’s Digest communication

The main source of attracting our customers is direct marketing, in the form of email marketing.

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Humberto Sardenberg — Superintendent

How SafetyMails’ email verification improved Icatu Insurance’s email marketing communication

Inbound marketing has become a strategic part of our sales process and we realized that we could get closer to our customers through email marketing.

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Tairine Santos — Administrative Coordinator

How SafetyMails’ emailchecker streamlined Kitei's work with its customers

Before getting to know SafetyMails, our company knew the importance of hygiene in email databases because we always work with mass emails.

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Helder Oliveira — Manager of Martech

How SafetyMails’ email validator API boosted Embracon’s lead generation

We had a big challenge, which was to launch a product using a large email database. Embracon needed to clean up this base.

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Fernando Lamenza — CRM and Acquisition Manager

How SafetyMails’ real time emailchecker API collaborated with the Acordo Certo's database

Acordo Certo decided on an email validation platform, mainly because of the large volume of people registering daily on our website.

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