email checker real time api in a mobile app


Protect your website, landing pages and apps against invalid and risky emails

The real-time email checker API will make sure only real and available subscribers are kept in your database. This way, your messages are going to be sent only to people that really want to hear from you, increasing the chances of interactions and sales conversion in email marketing.

  • Fast

    Easy installation. Instant verification.

  • Reliable

    The best email verification algorithm.

  • Effective

    Improve your email marketing results.

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How does real-time email checker work?

We prevent your mailing list from having invalid and harmful email addresses in less than 1 second



As soon as the visitor has finished entering the email, the API sends the data to SafetyMails.


Data analysis

Our 19-step email checker algorithm performs the email analysis.


Query feedback

The data from the email checker analysis are returned to the endpoint.


Return under 1 second

It takes less than 1 second to make email acquisition more secure and effective.

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Real-time email checker with a fast, reliable and scalable API

  • Real-time email verification

    Every single email is verified in a multi-layer algorithm, leading to a better email lead generation.

  • Domain Typo Correction

    Avoid losing good promising leads due to domain typos with our auto correction feature.

  • Disposable Email Verification

    We are ready to identify and block email addresses from more than 80 disposable email services.

  • Free email protection

    Setup your API to accept or prevent free email signups, like Gmail, Hotmail, among others.

  • Avoid Spamtraps

    Prevent spamtraps from entering your mailing list and protect your reputation in real-time.

  • Syntax Check

    The email checker analyzes the syntax conformance of email addresses based on IETF/RFCs.

  • MX Record Check

    An important step for an email checker is when we check if to know the domain route to an email server is ok.

  • Source / Flood Protection

    This feature protects your API from inappropriate use and unauthorized installations.

  • Easy to Install

    Copy&Paste feature, fully customizable code, integrations and Wordpress. You choose how to use it.

  • Powerful Infrastructure

    Our datacenter has the infrastructure to perform thousands of validations simultaneously and its fully scalable.

  • Customizable Messages

    Customize the API return messages in your own way. That’s great for you branding!

  • Detailed Reports

    All the email verification data you need to understand your inbound marketing behavior.

copy and past real time email checker code

Default install

Just copy & paste the API code or use one of our available integrations.

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javascript api install real time email checker

Custom install

Just code as you wish. It’s fully compatible with all programming languages.

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Ready-to-install Email Checker API

Wherever new email addresses are registered, we help ensure their validity.

Up to 33.5% (1/3) of emails entered in registration forms are invalid! This harms your email marketing reputation and sales results. Install the real-time email checker API in your website, landing page, application, webservices, or wherever you want, according to your needs, and see your results take off!

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It is a real-time email checker that can be installed on websites, landing pages, apps, web services, and more. It allows you to ensure that wherever email is registered from, its validity is guaranteed.

Less than 1 second, between entering the email, analyzing the data and returning the query.

As soon as the visitor has finished entering his email address, the SafetyMails API will perform a query in real time. The result of this query will provide confirmation of the status of the email.

The API can be installed wherever you want: landing pages, apps, webservices, registration forms, among others.

Yes, the real-time email checker API service needs an active credit subscription to run. Otherwise the credits available in the customer's account can only be used for validation of mailing lists.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just remember that the real-time email checker API only works with an active credit subscription.

Yes, at any time you can make a change in your credit subscription, increasing or reducing the subscribed plan.

No. You do not need to install any software. For real-time email verification, you need to include the code from the API where you will use the service. More info here.