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Use our email validator and boost your deliverability and results. Verify your emails and get rid of invalid and harmful email addresses.

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SafetyMails is an email validation tool designed to meet your needs. Fast & reliable.

We know that better online sales starts with a better email deliverability. So, you need to avoid invalid and temporary email addresses, as well as spamtraps, from getting into your mailing lists. SafetyMails has a 19-step email verification algorithm that can perform thousands of email validations simultaneously, with top-notch technology in a very simple and user-friendly system.

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SafetyMails Services

Improve your results with a powerful email verification

Just sending emails is not enough to get the expected results from your email marketing strategies. To get good leads, and consequently a good ROI, everything starts with a valid email list.

The best way to guarantee your messages meet the right people is to count with SafetyMails email checker. Our service helps you to do this job in a fast and simple way.

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Clean your email lists with safetymails email verification tool

Email address checker for mailing lists

Why is email address verification so important? Because having high bounce rates may impact your sender reputation. Boost your email marketing campaigns results! Let SafetyMails email verifier clean and protect your mailing lists. Identify and remove: invalid, temporary, spamtrap and risky email addresses.

  • The most accurate email verification algorithm.
  • Deep diving analysis: at least 99% of verified emails, guaranteed.
  • The most detailed email check analysis report.
  • Upload and verify up to 2 million email addresses at once.
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Real-time email verification API

Have you ever wondered how much a little bump on the keyboard can cost your business? Typos are awful for your results: these email bounces represent wasted sales opportunities and a bad reputation for your email marketing. SafetyMails’ Real-time email verification API can save your lead generation.

  • Easy installation: just copy, paste and start validating emails.
  • Fully customizable code: install it your way, wherever you want.
  • Far beyond syntax check: exclusive 19-step analysis algorithm
  • Great for lead pages, registration forms, apps, or wherever emails are collected
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Protect your forms with safetymails email verifier API


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Having an email verification service like SafetyMails brings several benefits.


Comparisons have found that SafetyMails email validator is up to 30% more accurate than other tools. 99% of verified emails.


We are compliant with all major data protection regulations. All connections are protected by international certifications.

Customer Care

We believe providing good relationships, knowledge and excellent content are key points to Customer Success.

Intelligent verification flow

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the best practices to
verify email address

To optimize our processes, we monitor the market. We are always looking for email service providers’ updates, their policies and RFCs, in addition to keeping our database up to date, for crossing information and developing new features.

Furthermore, SafetyMails reports deliver very detailed and highly relevant information, to provide the most efficient feedback for those who need the service of check email validity.

Our team follow the best practices to verify email address


Integrations that really matters

Turn email verification even easier through our integrations.

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SafetyMails Integrates with Mailchimp
SafetyMails Integrates with Activecampaing
SafetyMails Integrates with WordPress
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Turn your email lists into a powerful lead generator!

SafetyMails has quality approved by the most renowned SaaS evaluation platforms, which pointed our software as a 5 star service. When thinking about email marketing campaigns, think about a powerful email verifier. That’s why our clients choose us.


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If you don't see an answer to your question, please have a look at our documentation or get in touch through our live chat.

Email verify is a service of checking the existence of valid email addresses for further communication, using existing databases and other ways that are technically and legally possible with email providers.

Yes, the SafetyMails email validator has a 19-step algorithm that is able to identify email addresses as valid, invalid, spamtraps, temporary, among others.

Email validator can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to complete. This is because SafetyMails tries to gather as much information as possible to verify email address lists as accurate as possible.

Files with a .CSV extension (comma-separated values). It is a text file where column information is separated by commas.

Yes. SafetyMails has, in its contracted services, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, international certifications SOC 1 type II (SSAE 16 and ISAE 3401) and SOC 2 type II, as well as PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

Removing bad email improves the deliverability of email marketing campaigns, avoids ISP blocking and blacklisting problems. For more details, read our blog.

Yes, of course! Just follow this link and create a free account. With it, you will receive 100 free credits to test the SafetyMails email verification.