Email marketing behavior across major business sectors in the world has seen a bounce rate of 29.06%.*

*Source: GetResponse 2023 Benchmarking

Turn your contact list into business opportunities

Email validator is the support that makes your commercial and marketing teams take off. With a clean email list, communication with leads becomes more agile because professionals only talk with active users.

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For your sales team

  • Speeds up communication with leads, facilitating public adherence and the consequent achievement of goals
  • Stimulates the purchasing decision, supporting the sellers’ approach
  • Valid emails generate sales actions such as cross sell, up sell, among others

For your marketing team

  • Create potential leads for qualification through the marketing funnel
  • Generation of engagement, enabling more assertive communication and brand recall
  • Strategies can achieve real expectations of results

What happens to unverified email lists

Only 3% of bounces lead to blocking, classifying IPs and domains as spammers

Degradation of deliverability rates: 40% fewer emails in inbox*

Damaged reputation, leading to inclusion on blacklists

Inability to communicate with new leads

Deterioration of campaigns ROI

Waste of time for marketing and sales teams

*Source: HubSpot

The impact of invalid emails on e-commerce

Email marketing generates worldwide revenue of US$7.5 million and this value tends to reach US$17.9 million by 2027.*

In Brazil, around 23% of e-commerce sales account for a share of up to R$39 billion in revenue.*

*Source: Statista, 2023


The Quality of
Email lists in Brazil

Reflections to avoid burning
your revenue

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Use email validator and get rid of harmful addresses

SafetyMails email checker removes invalid, disposable, spamtrap and harmful addresses from your lists, ensuring the safety of your reputation with email providers.

  • Protect the deliverability of your campaigns.

  • Ensure quality lead generation.

  • Increase your email marketing open rates.

  • Decrease the CPC of your campaigns.

Email validator in real time

Scale your lead generation by performing thousands of validations simultaneously. Real-time email validator API auto-corrector prevents invalid emails from entering your lists.


Verify emails in less than 1 second


Increase the match between the sales team and leads


Protect your registration forms by installing the API on websites, landing pages, apps and other web services

Avoid bounces

Upload and verify more than 2 million email addresses at once: If you deal with large email lists,
it is extremely important to check them frequently.

At least 3% of bounces lead to your lists being blocked, regardless of their size.

Case Study

Customer: Embracon

Helder Oliveira, martech manager, implemented an email registration strategy on Embracon website.

This strategy was unsuccessful, as many addresses contained typographical errors, making them invalid.

After using the SafetyMails real-time email validator API, Helder saw a 70% increase in the match rate between leads and the sales team.

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Types of emails that enter in unverified lists and destroy campaign ROI

  • Invalid: Non-existent or deactivated addresses in a domain.
  • Spamtraps: Emails created by the providers themselves, in order to capture spammers who sell bases.
  • Syntax errors: Emails that don't comply with RFCs — Requests for Comments — which are the technical standards for internet security.
  • Invalid domain: The domain doesn't exist or has flaws.
  • Disposable: Emails that only last hours or minutes. After this period, become invalid.
  • Junks: Emails with repeated characters, swear words, numerical sequences, etc. which are sent directly to the spam folder.
  • Scraped: Generic emails @contact, @adm, @sales, etc. for list selling.
  • Obsolete: When the user name is changed and the old email becomes a bounce (this happens a lot with corporate emails).
  • No engagement: Emails abandoned by the user for at least 3 months.

Protect your lists with SafetyMails email verification

SafetyMails email checker prevents invalid addresses from being added to your contact lists.

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An unsanitized list is susceptible to the entry of spamtraps, disposable emails, no engagement, scraped emails and all types of emails that lead to the blocking of IPs and domains. Just 3% of delivery failures is enough to block a campaign and as a result, marketing or sales can't achieve their objectives, as communication is interrupted due to an unverified list.

Email validation allows us to generate real leads. With this, sales professionals are able to communicate with qualified audiences via email, developing strategies and actions that are, in fact, likely to achieve the expected results.

Today's valid email could turn into a bounce tomorrow. Obsolescence, lack of engagement, server problems, disposable addresses, among other reasons, can transform a valid contact into a risk for an entire base. Therefore, it is essential that checking emails is done frequently on the same list.

With valid emails, teams can develop strategies aimed at a segmented audience with high adherence capacity. Furthermore, professionals can generate relationship actions within the marketing funnel.

Low deliverability indicates that emails are being rejected by anti-spam filters. So yes, this negative KPI means that the sender's IP or domain could be a spammer.

With valid emails, it is possible to monitor campaign performance such as open rates, conversion rates, unsubscribe rates, among countless other metrics that can be viewed in performance reports.

The API allows you to build a healthy, bounce-free email list. This way, a campaign developed from a base of real leads has a much greater chance of success.