SafetyMails knows how to verify an email address in the best way

Acordo Certo

Fernando Lamenza, CRM and acquisition manager

Acordo Certo decided on an email validation platform, mainly because of the large volume of people registering daily on our website.

We know the importance of validating emails in real time. So, our registration form provides us with a good email database, avoiding deliverability issues.

I had used SafetyMails already when I was working in another company. It was a very positive 7-year experience of partnership. They know how to verify an email address in the best way. So, when I came to Acordo Certo, I wanted to bring their technology for validating emails in real time.

We implemented the SafetyMails API and never had any kind of setbacks. The tool works really well, even when we need to clean email database in batch.

Camile Alencar, CRM analyst

SafetyMails’ support is very agile. Every time we need help, they respond promptly. An example is the procedure for validating bases in batch, which we sometimes request their assistance. Everytime we needed the support, we have the file processed on the same day without any trouble.

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