How SafetyMails’ emailchecker can improve digital marketing processes


Danielle Andrade – DB1 Inbound MKT analyst

Our mailing lists were very old and unreliable. With inbound marketing becoming more and more strategic, we increased the flow of content creation, which has become essential for us to deliver better results to the units. So, the email communication strategy became paramount.

We hired a marketing automation tool. When we launched the email campaign for the first time, we had deliverability problems because the email list was dirty and full of bounces. Faced with this critical situation, we found SafetyMails, which sanitized our lists.

This was very positive, because it improved the quality of our email list and this allowed us to reach a delivery rate well above expectations.

The reports are very clear and easy, and they helped a lot in proving how effective our marketing effort is, because before using SafetyMails’ emailchecker, we didn't know how to show that the bases were dirty and thus, the deliverability of the emails was compromised.

Today, with their report, we can prove the existence of invalid emails, hard bounces and all other emails that can cause problems in a campaign.

We had a very singular case of emergency release in one of our units and SafetyMails' service was fast and accurate. They resolved our issue very quickly.

With the email lists cleaned, the improvement in deliverability rate bore fruit: 13 new business opportunities were generated, and only one was enough to pay for all the investment we made in validating the base.

Today, SafetyMails is part of the mix of tools we use in our strategies.

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