The first step to optimize email marketing is to check if an email is valid


Fernando Bassin, Calcard's Coordinator

Our company used to send email marketing only for sending invoices. But there was a need for closer communication with customers beyond these transactional emails.

We started working with a marketing automation tool and through it, we discovered SafetyMails. Since then, we know how important it is to check if an email is valid.

The work methodology had two stages: the first was the validation of all the emails registered by our operator, and the second stage was uploading the validated lists for the marketing automation platform.

We integrated the automation tool with SafetyMails.

The expectation with the integration was achieved. Our goal was to minimize the steps in our processes and we did it.

Integration with the SafetyMails real-time email verification API allows email validation to be done entirely within the automation platform, streamlining the entire system.

With that, I had very positive comments from the customers, praising the closer way of interacting with them.

Productivity also had a very significant gain: before, I required 4 or 5 people from the team to be able to put a campaign on air, and today I can centralize it in a single person.

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