SafetyMails’ validate email address services increases email deliverability

Reader's Digest

Eduardo Marques, Systems and infrastructure coordinator

The main source of attracting our customers is direct marketing, in the form of email marketing.

The customer receives the email marketing and registers in our systems, providing more information, enriching the database, buying our products and competing in our contests. In order to generate leads, we create several landing pages to capture them.

So, having cleaned email lists is essential. SafetyMails has solved the problem of bad email data entering our email databases.

As we use the verification service in the form, the user types the address and the SafetyMails API checks it online and in real time, saying if that email is valid or not.

Previously, we were customers from another validation tool, however, SafetyMails proved to be easier than the tool we were using before. The cost is very accessible, and the software is very practical in integration, mainly. The support is also exemplary.

Due to the cost and quality of validate email address services, SafetyMails becomes more advantageous. As we were using another tool, the software we choose to implement in replacement would have to be better than the tool we used before. SafetyMails was the one, reducing our costs and giving us a better-than-ever result

After partnering with SafetyMails, the improvement in email deliverability and lead conversion was visible. The tool is easy and practical. The control panel is very intuitive. Their support is responsive and the integration is very easy. I highly recommend SafetyMails!

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