Email format


Credit / Collection | Finance / Investments | SaaS - Software as a service

Email format


Credit / Collection | Finance / Investments | SaaS - Software as a service

Among all the possible email structures, the Nubank most common email format is [email protected].

Other possible structures have been identified and are described below:

Email structure Percentage
Name+.+Last Name [email protected] 39.14%
Name[1]+Last Name [email protected] 12.27%
Name [email protected] 10.67%
Last Name [email protected] 2.78%
Last Name+.+Name [email protected] 1.95%
Others 0.05%

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common email address for Nubank is Nome+.+Sobrenome, identified in 39.14% of cases.

To validate and verify Nubank, email addresses, the safest way is to use SafetyMails, a tool that cleans email lists quickly and easily, removing bounces (invalid emails) that are detrimental to reputation and deliverability.

The domain of Nubank is

Before sending any emails, use the SafetyMails tool, which has the best email validation algorithm. This tool removes bounces and other harmful emails, improving email marketing results.

Some of the Nubank social networks are LinkedIn, Youtube, X (read Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

The company Nubank belongs to the sector Credit / Collection | Finance / Investments | SaaS - Software as a service and has the following description: NU Pagamentos, better known as Nubank, is a Brazilian fintech company that offers a variety of financial solutions. The company operates in several sectors, including payment processing, online sales and digital accounts..

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