Real-time email verification API

Install our API on registration
forms and landing pages

SafetyMails does verify an email address typed in a form and, if it is invalid, the visitor is immediately prompted to fix it.

In a few seconds, prevent invalid e-mail addresses, spamtraps, disposable emails, and random typing from being accepted into your registration forms.

Create a free account and take the opportunity to ACTIVATE FREE API TRIAL

By activating the API TRIAL you earn 1,000 free credits for email checking using our API.

Enjoy the best of your inbound

The email addresses of your leads are verified right in the registration form.

How does this API
protects you?

Real-time validation, while typing in the form!

Up to 33.5% (1/3) of emails entered in registration forms are invalid! This harms your email marketing and sales results.

Do not waste you lead generation opportunities with non delivered double opt in email messages. SafetyMails' real-time email verifier takes the best of lead interaction and avoid unnecessary errors.

The SafetyMails platform provides a complete dashboard to track the results of your API analysis
Install the API wherever and the way you want it

Install it wherever and however you want.

Use our default Script Generator or create your own custom code

Install the SafetyMails API on your website, landing page, mobile app or wherever you want, using our standard script, or develop your own code according to your needs.

Integration for Landing Pages

Activate your API quickly through our integrations within the most popular platforms

Email verification integration for RD Station landing pages available
Connect SafetyMails to Instapage's landing pages to verify email addresses in real time
Validating email addresses on Keap landing pages is easy with our real-time API integration
Unbounce landing pages can check emails with SafetyMails integration

Know the platforms available for integration