Email validation and verification
for mailing lists and forms is effective safe necessary

Identify and remove: invalid, disposable, and spamtrap email addresses

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of email lists

Remove invalid and harmful email addresses (such as spamtraps) and improve your deliverability.

Have your email lists clean and free of invalid email addresses that harm your email marketing reputation and sales. With just an upload, quickly verify your emails on our platform.

Rank your email addresses as valid, invalid, disposable, spamtraps ,and more.

Download your reports directly through SafetyMails or use one of our integrations.

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SafetyMails provides a complete status report for each email address

Real-time email
validation API

Check emails typed in your forms and avoid invalid and harmful email addresses in your sales leads.

When someone types an email address in a form protected by our API, it takes only a few seconds to know whether the email is valid or invalid.

It's quick and easy to install SafetyMails' API. You can use our default widget, develop your own custom code, or use one of our integrations.

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Monthly credit

Always have credits available to check your emails and keep your API running

Choose the amount of credits you want. Then, every month, that amount will be automatically added into your account

Your credits are always available to be used to validate email lists, to enable the API for registration forms and to use them in integrations

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Checking emails with SafetyMails protects your reputation
Your credits
Available credits in your account
Available credits to verify email addresses


Make your daily tasks easier using our integrations

RD Station is integrated with SafetyMails
SafetyMails enables integration with MailChimp
Checking emails in Hubspot is possible through SafetyMails
Validate emails on Unbounce with SafetyMails integration

See available integration modes

Companies that trust Safetymails

Thousands of companies keep the quality of their leads with our technology

Several companies rely on SafetyMails to check emails

"Our SenderScore became more stable, our deliverability has improved, and because of that, all channel performance, leading to an increase of convertion and sales. In addition to the quality of SafetyMails, the interface is easy to use and the service is excellent."

Rodrigo WaissmanDigital Marketing Manager - FGV

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